MMA Betting Secrets

mma betting

Mixed martial arts is a growing sport and betting on UFC events can be lucrative for sports fans. While the UFC is similar to other major league sports in many ways, it has its own set of variables that can make it a challenging sport to handicap for even veteran sports bettors. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re making your first bets in the MMA world.

One of the biggest mistakes that bettors can make is comparing past performances and thinking that a fighter should win based on their overall record inside a weight class. While this logic may seem simple, it can often mislead bettors, taking them away from studying styles and analyzing fight film.

MMA is a live event, so the odds for each fight are constantly changing during the bout. This can be an advantage for those looking to place a winning wager, but be sure you’re prepared to wager quickly before the odds drastically change. Betting on a live MMA match can also be a frustrating experience, as sportsbooks tend to freeze betting at critical points during the fight.

There are a variety of different bets to choose from when betting on an MMA fight, including the method of victory and over/under round totals. Prop bets typically have higher odds than the standard moneyline, and can yield significant payouts if the correct outcome is selected.

The Over/Under round total is a popular MMA betting option, and it is based on how long a fight will last. The Over/Under is calculated by adding the number of rounds predicted to the total number of rounds in a fight, then subtracting 1.

When betting on a specific round, be sure to note whether the fight will end by a knockout or submission. In addition, pay attention to a fighter’s weigh-ins, as a difficult weight cut can leave them dehydrated and susceptible to a quick finish.

Another way to increase your potential payout is to parlay multiple MMA bets. This type of bet requires all the individual bets in a parlay to be correct to receive a payout, but can result in much greater returns than placing single bets on favorite fighters.

When placing a MMA parlay, be sure to select the highest-priced underdog in each individual bet to increase your chances of a winning wager. For example, if you pick Henry Cejudo to win as a +230 underdog over Gregor Gillespie at -500, your parlay would yield a payout of $260. A parlay is a more risky MMA bet than single-bets on favorites, but can offer substantial profits for the savvy bettor. It’s also important to check your local laws regarding MMA betting before placing any wagers. In most states, MMA is legal for betting purposes, but it’s always best to check with your local sportsbook before making any wagers. You can also find out about betting limits, promotions, and more by visiting a sportsbook’s website.